Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day/Birthday

Dan had to go to Pontiac to speak yesterday so I went to church alone in the pouring rain. It rained most of the day. The young men passed out a cocks comb plant to all the sisters over 20. I took one to Sister Pedrick. She didn't want to get out in the rain with her walker. I got home and heated up some soup I had in the freezer. Marisa and Neil came over for dinner. Dan cooked steaks on the grill (it was so windy most of the coals just got blown out) and I made homemade corn tortillas, salsa verde and rice. Marisa forgot to get a cake. Marisa and Neil gave me a 4 bottle set of lotions and bath stuff from Bed Bath and Beyond that also had a very nice purse with it. I also got a used VCR that Neil hooked up for me. Now I can tape my novela before I go to bed and Dan can't complain that he can't watch tv. I can't believe I am 58 years old. I feel 21. Dan and I bought fishing licenses last Monday. Maybe we will go fishing when he gets home. I don't picture Dan making me a cake for my birthday. It's only the two of us since Marisa and Neil left for Cancun this morning for their belated honeymoon. I am watching Bailey this week.

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Danny and Sar said...

happy belated birthday from your loser daughter in law!!! I can't believe it. I was at work all day yesterday and Danny was home with the kids and I even remembered three days before, and then yesterday I got home from work and went right back out to grandmas again. We did think of you...a whole three days early. Happy Birthday and we love your guts, Danny Sar, Parker, Kaden and Brin.