Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day/Birthday

Dan had to go to Pontiac to speak yesterday so I went to church alone in the pouring rain. It rained most of the day. The young men passed out a cocks comb plant to all the sisters over 20. I took one to Sister Pedrick. She didn't want to get out in the rain with her walker. I got home and heated up some soup I had in the freezer. Marisa and Neil came over for dinner. Dan cooked steaks on the grill (it was so windy most of the coals just got blown out) and I made homemade corn tortillas, salsa verde and rice. Marisa forgot to get a cake. Marisa and Neil gave me a 4 bottle set of lotions and bath stuff from Bed Bath and Beyond that also had a very nice purse with it. I also got a used VCR that Neil hooked up for me. Now I can tape my novela before I go to bed and Dan can't complain that he can't watch tv. I can't believe I am 58 years old. I feel 21. Dan and I bought fishing licenses last Monday. Maybe we will go fishing when he gets home. I don't picture Dan making me a cake for my birthday. It's only the two of us since Marisa and Neil left for Cancun this morning for their belated honeymoon. I am watching Bailey this week.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Loopy Again

I thought things were going well with my surgery until I started breaking out in hives on Saturday. The are around the incision site was all red and blistered. Dan looked at it and said I was covered in hives. My benadryl was expired so Dan ran out and got me some more. I also started applying hydrocortizone to the site. I called the doctor this morning and he said to continue with that. He said I must have an allergy to the adhesive bandage. How uncomfortable. I was supposed to teach today. Karen Shurtleff said she would take care of it. I hope I can sleep tonight without the aid of the benadryl.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good news

I went to outpatient surgery today and had my basal cell carcinoma removed. My British Doctor played Allison Krause and sang and whistled while he cut my body. Pathology checked it out and said the Dr. cut out all of the cancer. I am still feeling no pain so I am happy. I might take a Vicodin before bed. The dressing covering the sight has blood under it. I hope it stays under the dressing or I am going to have a hard time wearing clothes.

When I got home I found a vase of flowers from Amanda and another vase of flowers from the rest of the kids. Neil had the task of going out and buying them. I have wonderful children.

Aunt Chuck has to have a breast biopsy next month. We are praying all goes well with her.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My new favorite book

I had to bottle some chicken because I didn't have room in my freezer. So while I was waiting for the chicken to pressure, I started reading a book called "The Kite Runner". It has to be one of the best books I have ever read. The author Khaled Hosseini has written some others which I will definitely be looking for.

I finished bottling 10 pints of chicken. I just need to wash my kitchen floor tonight and then I will go to bed. I am tired.

Poor Mackenzie has shingles Amanda said. She text ed me a picture of one on her chest. She said it was the size of a baseball and she wasn't kidding.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just got home

It was our Temple weekend. We left Friday morning and worked the pm Friday shift in the temple. We got up (well I did) at 5am and made it out of the apartment by 6:15. I called the shift coordinator and let her know we needed to leave early on Saturday. Dan has meetings for Stake Conference and so we had a very easy schedule. We saw a training film at 7:15 and then I was done by 7:30. Sister Reid asked me to go to the Celestial Room until 8:00. Sister Goowin came and visited with me. I did Sealings at 8 until 8:45. Dan and I were Second Followers for the 9am session. We had about 25 patrons. We then worked the veil and we were done.

We were driving out of Nauvoo by 11:00. We stopped for lunch and then I dropped Dan off at the Stake Center at 2pm. I have to pick Pat Webb up for the Adult meeting . That starts at 6pm so I need to finish getting ready for the meeting. I unpacked the van and put everything away.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A very wet Thursday

I went to the Dr. for my follow-up appt. My labs came back just fine. But the lesion he removed was basal cell carcinoma. They made me an appt. to see a Plastic Surgeon to remove it. I have an appt. for next Friday. It will probably be a consult and then I will have to return again for the procedure. It is the kind of cancer that does not metastasize. I am glad about that. My Dr. was also pleased with my blood pressure and weight loss and had me make an appt. to come back in 3 months. He said if I continue with my progress he will probably take me off my meds. Yeah!!! He really could sense I didn't like being on meds. I love this Dr. He really listens.

It has been raining cats and dogs today. It was raining side ways. I got soaked. The sky is dark and the next county over from us is under a tornado watch. Welcome to spring in Illinois. Amanda loves this weather.

Sister Forest is picking me up for our book club tonight. We are having the meeting at Barb Johnson's house. The story was about a young German woman growing up during WW II. I have read lots about the Holocaust but not about what the innocent German people endured. She eventually joined the Church and lives in Utah I believe.

We leave for Nauvoo in the morning. We need to leave early on Saturday because Dan has organized a quartet to sing in Priesthood Meeting on Saturday afternoon. I will drop him off and then go pick up Pat Webb for the adult meeting at 6pm. We are getting a general authority for our Stake Conference.

I just found out today that our carpeting was not coming because they are having a shortage of yarn. I had our salesperson pick out something similar that was available. We should have it laid in another two weeks I hope and pray.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Inferno Red

We purchased a 2008 Inferno Red Grand Caravan last night. I got to drive it today because I took it back to be detailed. The only thing we wanted in the van was electric seat for Dan and stow and go for me. Dan will drive it to work. I don't care. I will have the Stratus everyday. Now I can't use the excuse of not leaving the house because I don't have heat in my car. Darn. I love staying home. I could stay at home and be very happy I think.

I went to ESL class and had three students in my group. We practiced dictation. I would say a sentence in English and they would write down what they hear. We then translated it into Spanish and I had them changing the words in the sentences. I really encouraged them to use other pronouns. They did really well overall. They just need to start speaking. They understand quite a bit. One of the students has been here seven years. The others a little less. I truly love teaching these people. They are so grateful.

I wish it would quit raining. Of course the longer it rains prevents me from working outside. Que lastima. I am still waiting on the call from the carpet people. It will be so nice to get the house in order.