Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just got home

It was our Temple weekend. We left Friday morning and worked the pm Friday shift in the temple. We got up (well I did) at 5am and made it out of the apartment by 6:15. I called the shift coordinator and let her know we needed to leave early on Saturday. Dan has meetings for Stake Conference and so we had a very easy schedule. We saw a training film at 7:15 and then I was done by 7:30. Sister Reid asked me to go to the Celestial Room until 8:00. Sister Goowin came and visited with me. I did Sealings at 8 until 8:45. Dan and I were Second Followers for the 9am session. We had about 25 patrons. We then worked the veil and we were done.

We were driving out of Nauvoo by 11:00. We stopped for lunch and then I dropped Dan off at the Stake Center at 2pm. I have to pick Pat Webb up for the Adult meeting . That starts at 6pm so I need to finish getting ready for the meeting. I unpacked the van and put everything away.

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