Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Sunday

I really enjoyed conference today. All of the speakers were great. President Monson's closing address was exceptional. He is going to be a very beloved prophet. It must be hard to step into someonelse's shoes. All prophets have their own style and we love them no matter what. We could see a lot of changes in the first presidency in the next ten years looking at the ages of some of the brethren. Although President Hinckley took us for a ride didn't he?

Marisa came by for a brief moment and left Bailey with me so she could go to lunch with Lacey. She is missing out on so much. I don't even think she realized it was General Conference weekend. I am so grateful for my membership in the true church. I often think of where I would be without the church. Everyone comes to a fork in the road in their lives. You only can go one way or the other. I know I took the right turn. It must be lonely out there not having the truth in your life. I am thankful for the faithful brethren who direct this church.

When we were in Utah last week I purchased a CD of music honoring the prophet Joseph. It is wonderful. What a job he had. Why do people dislike him so?

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Sarah said...

conference was good. the parts I got to listen to. thank goodness for DVR! Sorry about the death of your van! But how fun to get a new ride- did you end up coming home with something??