Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We're back

We left last Thursday for Spencer's wedding. We left early Thursday morning and even had time to stop for breakfast on the way. The flight was uneventful and I even enjoyed the flight. Frontier was very comfortable. We all arrived pretty much the same time. It was so good to see all of my grandchildren and children of course. Tyler is growing like a weed. He is very clever and we enjoyed several games of Boggle. We even danced together at the wedding. Mackenzie is so pretty and looks so much like her mother. She is all girl and looked so pretty in pink at the wedding. Brett is well Brett. Brett is fearless and does things his way. He is very amusing to watch. Parker is very sweet. Hard to believe he will start school in the fall. He speaks his mind. Kaden is a mini version of Danny Lee. He never stops talking. He is very laid back and seems to go with the flow. Brinlee is a little princess. She is very cute a mini Sarah. She doesn't let her brothers take advantage of her. She lets herself be heard when they tease her. Those three reminded me of Spencer, Danny and Amanda at that age. Those boys loved to tease Amanda and she could hold her own.

We all stayed at the same hotel so we would eat together when possible. We also got to swim together when the pool wasn't full of others. Sunday was great because we go the pool to ourselves.

Dan and I drove down to Salt Lake City on Sunday morning. We got to go to the taping of the Spoken Word. That was so fun. We then went to Sacrament Meeting at the SL 19th ward. We met Danny and Sarah and the children for lunch and we went to the Church's History Museum. It was so cool. They took off for Washington and go home safely the next morning at 6:30 Salt Lake time. They had quite a bit of snow crossing Snoquamie Pass but other than that their trip was good.

We took off Monday morning and found ice all over the place. Our trip to SLC was slow. We saw people spinning out all over the place. We returned the Dodge Magnum (loved it by the way) and caught our flight to Denver. We had a little layover in Denver so we ate lunch. Neil got a text from Nick Letty who was sidetracked to Minneapolis from SLC. They were headed for Chicago but got stuck there because of fog. They kept canceling their flight to Chicago so Nick and Liz rented a car and drove to O'Hare to pick up their car. I hope they made it ok. The news said that Minneapolis got hit with 8 inches of snow.

Amanda said that I-80 was closed at Rock Springs so she and the children followed Daniel there and were going to spend the night. The roads were closed going to Riverton so hopefully they will get home today if the roads are open.

Marisa and Neil were with us so they picked their car up here and went to pick up their dog at Tom and Jane's.

I haven't heard from Spencer but he is on his honeymoon after all.

The wedding was beautiful. They had the ceremony at a greenhouse. The setting was gorgeous. The dinner was at a LDS chapel and then back to the greenhouse for the reception. Alena looked beautiful and Spencer looked handsome. They had a wedding cake and then the groom's cake was a Chicago Cub Cake. Spencer put on a Cub jersey and hat to cut the cake. Very funny.

Alena's parents were very nice. Dan seemed to get along very well with Alena's dad. There are many siblings and aunts and uncles and cousins who came to the wedding. Alena's uncle who is a Bishop (was being released the next day) performed the ceremony and did a lovely job. He said all the right things. Now we can all hope for a temple marriage in the future. It is up to them however.

I have lots of work to do today. I would like to take a walk on the trail today.

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