Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Inferno Red

We purchased a 2008 Inferno Red Grand Caravan last night. I got to drive it today because I took it back to be detailed. The only thing we wanted in the van was electric seat for Dan and stow and go for me. Dan will drive it to work. I don't care. I will have the Stratus everyday. Now I can't use the excuse of not leaving the house because I don't have heat in my car. Darn. I love staying home. I could stay at home and be very happy I think.

I went to ESL class and had three students in my group. We practiced dictation. I would say a sentence in English and they would write down what they hear. We then translated it into Spanish and I had them changing the words in the sentences. I really encouraged them to use other pronouns. They did really well overall. They just need to start speaking. They understand quite a bit. One of the students has been here seven years. The others a little less. I truly love teaching these people. They are so grateful.

I wish it would quit raining. Of course the longer it rains prevents me from working outside. Que lastima. I am still waiting on the call from the carpet people. It will be so nice to get the house in order.

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