Thursday, April 10, 2008

A very wet Thursday

I went to the Dr. for my follow-up appt. My labs came back just fine. But the lesion he removed was basal cell carcinoma. They made me an appt. to see a Plastic Surgeon to remove it. I have an appt. for next Friday. It will probably be a consult and then I will have to return again for the procedure. It is the kind of cancer that does not metastasize. I am glad about that. My Dr. was also pleased with my blood pressure and weight loss and had me make an appt. to come back in 3 months. He said if I continue with my progress he will probably take me off my meds. Yeah!!! He really could sense I didn't like being on meds. I love this Dr. He really listens.

It has been raining cats and dogs today. It was raining side ways. I got soaked. The sky is dark and the next county over from us is under a tornado watch. Welcome to spring in Illinois. Amanda loves this weather.

Sister Forest is picking me up for our book club tonight. We are having the meeting at Barb Johnson's house. The story was about a young German woman growing up during WW II. I have read lots about the Holocaust but not about what the innocent German people endured. She eventually joined the Church and lives in Utah I believe.

We leave for Nauvoo in the morning. We need to leave early on Saturday because Dan has organized a quartet to sing in Priesthood Meeting on Saturday afternoon. I will drop him off and then go pick up Pat Webb for the adult meeting at 6pm. We are getting a general authority for our Stake Conference.

I just found out today that our carpeting was not coming because they are having a shortage of yarn. I had our salesperson pick out something similar that was available. We should have it laid in another two weeks I hope and pray.

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