Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Annoying Tuesday

Woke up to snow and wind. It was a whopping 33 degrees. I took Sister Hall to the Dr. and found it very slippery on the blacktop between Metamora and Washington. Of course Woodford County didn't have the roads cleaned off. Tazewell did. Many of the counties are out of salt. Went food storage shopping at Walmart and Kroger. On my way home the temperature was definitely colder. Brought Sr. Pedrick a piece of the Bumbleberry Pie. I was gone about 10 minutes and when I got back home the driveway was cleaned off. The snow is starting to blow so the driveway was clean for awhile. English class was cancelled tonight. I doubt many would have showed up with the temperatures dropping. Laura hasn't had her baby yet. Once she delivers and recoups things should go back to normal.

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Sarah said...

ok wait...who's laura? Sorry you had kind of a bum day...Kaden wet his pants first thing this morning and then messed his pants twice today...I think I might have to poke my eyes out!