Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nostolgic Tuesday

I didn't get to write last night because Dan moved his computer downstairs to the basement and once he shuts it down mine is off too. A busy morning. Had to run and pick up Dan's glasses from the Eye Center. Lady decided to eat them one day and so we had to order new frames. Last night I got the spare bedroom book case cleaned off. I boxed the books up and stashed them in the spare bathroom. While I was working on the closet, I found loads of clothes belonging to Spencer and a shirt or two of Danny Lee's. As Fields of Gold (Sting) played softly in the background I started to tear up. I found several Scout shirts and some shirts I know the boys wore in high school. It seems so long ago they were at home, not his home but here with Dan and I. It's over before you know it. Now they have boys of their own and will soon start having them. The potty training I don't miss. Hang in there. He must have forgotten how to go this morning. It will get better Sarah.

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Shoshana said...

Hi Aunt Mary! Love the blog. I cry everytime I clean out Brigi's clothes that are going to the Salvation Army. I still have my baby sling. I will probably never give it up. Maybe someday, my tubes will grow back. A girl can pray can't she? Shhhh, don't tell Mark.