Thursday, February 28, 2008

College Cheese

That's what Dan calls cottage cheese. Tuesday night I started to make cottage cheese for the very first time. I finished it up this morning and I have to agree it came out pretty good. I am now cooking down the whey (liquid part) to make some kind of spreadable cheese. It was easier than I thought. Just another way to use your powdered milk. I just ate some with some fruit and it tasted pretty good. I would probably cook it less next time. I will save some out for Dan to try and then use a cup of it to make sour cream.

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Sarah said...

look at you little susie homemaker! I have never thought of trying homemade cottage cheese. I'll wait a week and if you two don't get deathly ill then I'll try it! ha ha I need help figuring out what to order for our dry pack trip.