Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

Last night was our first night in the spare bedroom until the new furniture is delivered Monday. I didn't realize how much smaller a double bed us compared to a Queen. Amanda must have a King size You can get lost in her bed. But anyway, the cat decided to sleep on my feet all night so I just felt so crowded. Also the room was very hot. It's an inside room and I could hardly breathe. The ceiling fan has never been installed so it would have been so much better. In our master bedroom if I get too warm I just jump up and flip the ceiling fan switch.

Spoke with Amanda last night. Tyler, Mackenzie and Brett were having the time of their lives. I asked what all the noise was and she said they were just being kids. She really enjoys her children. She talked about driving out over spring break but it's a week before Spencer's wedding so that would probably not be feasible. Haven't heard from Spencer lately. I imagine he is busy with work and with the wedding.

I tried to fill in some pre-boarding info for the cruise last night. But the website came up with some errors. I saved what I had done and will attempt to complete it.

I will work on my quilting room today. My good neighbors next door brought me a whole bunch of boxes from their move so I should have enough to do the bookcase with church books.

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