Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pugle Wednesday

I offered to watch Bailey Marisa's dog. I enjoy her company and thought it would be a great day. Well, I had to run into Peoria to pick up Dan's glasses. When I got back I noticed a sack of chocolate chip chunks spread all over the family room floor. I had shopped yesterday and had several sacks still on the kitchen floor with taco shells and other dry goods. I forgot I had purchased a sack of chips. I quickly put her outside. I then swept up the chips and weighed all the chips. I am figuring she didn't like the semi-sweet chips because a very small amount was missing. It could have been disastrous . I am going to have to be more careful in the future. Neil came over and helped Dan carry our old mattress and box springs to the curb for the trash pickup tomorrow. We also got rid of our old dressers. Dan took a hammer to them and they are lying on top of the mattress. What a sight. Our new bedroom furniture comes on Monday. Dan and I will be sleeping in the spare bedroom in a double bed. This ought to be good. We always have our scripture study when we get up in the morning and just do it in bed. I imagine we will be going downstairs to study until our new bed gets here.

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