Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Dan had the day off. He cleaned out the raspberry patch. A lot of old growth cleaned out. We should have a good crop this year. I cleaned out the garage while he was working on the berries. I had called someone to pick up some junk from the garage. They showed up about 2pm. We still need someone to haul the family room sofa away. I don't have a replacement so maybe I should wait.

I am still working on Spencer's quilt. Don't know if I am going to be able to finish it on time. It is more time consuming than I had imagined.

Marisa and Neil are coming by for dessert on Sunday afternoon. They are going to Grandma Hagan's for lunch. I just made their Easter baskets. I also got the ingredients for her birthday cake for Monday. Marisa is going to make dinner and I am bringing the cake. I am going to make it at her house on Monday so I don't have to move the cake. It is a chocolate layer cake with a whipped cream filling and fresh strawberries. The picture looks pretty. It takes 13 oz. of bittersweet chocolate.

I made the reservation for the rental car tonight for the trip to Utah. I hope the weather will be good there. I think I will check on line .

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