Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Monday

I am so behind on my blogging. We went to the temple this weekend so I had no access to a computer and did not have the energy to write anyway. We were busy both days and we had to stay at the hotel. I didn't call ahead to reserve an apartment so we had to stay at Nauvoo Family Inn. I am not used to a double bed and the people next door were noisy and the hairdryer in the room didn't work and they didn't have a replacement. I did make reservations for April for the apartment but don't know how many vacancies they will have this summer. 40 couple missionaries are coming in April so we shall see.

Dan and I went to Monmouth to speak. Dan thought it started at 10 and then when we were walking up to the building Dan says there sure are alot of cars outside. We get into the building and there is the Stake President speaking at the pulpit. It turns out the meeting started at 9am. While we thought we had arrived a half hour early we were in essence a half hour late. And then to top it off, I wasn't even listed on the bulletin to speak. We sat in the back row and then when the Stake President finished speaking they asked Dan to come up and speak.

At least we got out in essence an hour early. We left there a little after 12 to come home and got home before 2. It is an hour and a half drive easy.

Pat and I are going visiting teaching today. She is going out of town this week so we thought we had better get out. We usually get out much earlier.

I will also go shopping at IGA. I had gone to their website last week to check it out. They said they are giving away a $50. certificate if you sign up and they pick your name. Well when I checked my email when we got back this weekend it said I had won!

Sarah called yesterday and we might be flying from our homes to Disney World (Orlando) and spending a few days there and then getting a shuttle to the ship. It sounds like a plan to me.

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