Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sick as a dog Saturday

We went out last night and had dinner at the OK Corral. I had some baked salmon and a beef fillet. I used some fat free ranch on my baked potato. I don't know if the salmon (tasted very fishy) or the dressing was bad. The dressing tasted very sweet. Anyway during the night I must have been in the bathroom 15 times with diarrhea. Since I weigh on Fridays I know what my weight is. I weighed 3 lbs. lighter Saturday.

I slept in until 8 ish which is unheard of. I got up and showered and then ran to the store for the things we needed for painting. Marisa and Neil and Dan and I painted our master bedroom. Two of the walls are a darker taupe almost chocolate ice cream color. The other walls are a lighter taupe. It turned out great. We still need to finish a little bit of the trim way up high on one of the walls. Marisa and Neil said they would be back another day to finish it up. I am going to paint all the baseboards.

We bought Dan a Cherry Rolled top desk last night. It is beautiful. We won't have it delivered until after the carpet is laid. We will look for living room furniture later. He really needs that desk.

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Sarah said...

you need to post some pictures of your bedroom and stuff lady!