Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Treadmill Tuesday

ok, I'm a little behind. I journaled Sunday in my actual journal. Monday I was very busy. I had made an appointment to see Dan's Dr. I am not good about going to Drs. I go to my gyne and dentist but I feel good so why should I rock the boat?

Well, when I got in there they checked my blood pressure and it was 130/100. They checked it before I left and then decided I needed an EKG. The Dr. said it was abnormal so I got a CXR and then went on Tuesday for an Echo Treadmill test. I was nervous but did just fine. The cardiologist told me up front that it was normal. The Dr.'s office called today with the same news. I do have to take a pill every day and will do so until I see if my pressure will go down if I change my life style. When the weather starts to get better I can get out and exercise.

I feel good and am grateful for the wonders of medicine. I hate to have other people in control of me and that's how I feel taking medication is. On the other hand I am the one in control by deciding how I will treat my body.

I got my TD booster today. I was only 4 years late. I was also asked to volunteer at the Woodford County Health Dept. I will do the intake when people come in for immunizations. I will work from 7:30-11:30 maybe once a month to start.

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