Monday, March 3, 2008

Longer Legs

My beautiful bedroom set was delivered today. I put the new bedding on and can't believe how beautiful the room looks. Marisa came over and she will help us decide on the color of paint and how to decorate the room. She has some good ideas. The only problem with the bed is that it is soooooo tall. I literally have to either stand on a foot stool or go face first and crawl on my tummy to get on. I think I'm done growing so that option is out. I will take some pictures and try and post them. We will probably pick the carpeting this Wednesday. Dan wants to get a roll top desk for his computer. We were thinking of putting it in the little adjacent room in our bedroom but have decided to share my quilting room. We have to dismantle my quilting frame and move it downstairs so I told Dan he could have half the room for his computer and I will use the other half for my sewing. I will just go downstairs and quilt and do my piecing and sewing upstairs.

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Sarah said...

yay for new bedroom furniture! I bet it looks so nice. Maybe Dan could build you a special step ladder of sorts! ha ha