Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trash Day

I finally got the rest of the trash out of the garage. Last week was unreal with the old mattress and box springs. I even put some trash sacks with my neighbors. I'm sure the trash man was uttering some things when he drove up to my home. I had been cleaning out closets and clearing off book cases so the trash really piled up. I got a good nights rest in my new bed last night. My back seems to be feeling better.

Talked to Sarah last night. I can't wait to see all of my grandchildren (6) at Spencer's wedding. Marisa told me yesterday that in 22 days we would all be together.

I had picked up a free book from the library some time back called Seventrees. I pick it up and read from it from time to time. It is about a young woman who is an orphan it seems and is being raised my her uncle and aunt. She is more of a servant. She attempts to call her Aunt "mother" like her cousin Luther does but the Aunt says you can't do that. Luther is my son you are not my daughter. When Maggie is twelve her family sends for her. It turns out her parents were Amish and so Maggie goes to live with her grandmother (father's mother) and uncles and aunts. Her grandmother was a medicine woman, meaning she knew a lot about plants and their medicinal values. She teaches Maggie those things. Maggie leaves the Amish lifestyle when she is of age (never embracing it's teachings) because one of the young men wants to marry her. She goes back to her uncle and aunt and nurses the aunt until she dies. She marries Gerald who is a dreamer who wants to go to Mexico to get rich. They end up in the Kansas City area. Maggie is very industrious and starts a business while her husband goes west to follow his dream for a year. Maggie befriends Black Feather an Indian who is their tribes medicine man and who teaches Maggie about herbs and medicines. They were talking about death one night and I thought this quote was good. "As this day moves into past, the sorrow will become fainter, though it will always echo in your heart. As we grow older, there are many voices crying out from our pasts. But ever more softly."

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