Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday Morning

Got Dan off to work early today. He had a 7am meeting so the alarm went off at 5ish. We read in the OT and then I made him some oatmeal. He left by 6:30 I think. I just saw a commercial on tv about a bank and a maze. And guess what was in the maze? You guessed it a mouse. I hate mice. I cannot watch tv that have them or read about them. The tv show Monk has a huge rat in the beginning of the show that drops down on Monk. I avoid the beginning of the show. Now when I hear that Cefcu has a commercial I am going to have to tune it out.

I just got an email from Traci Weibling my sister in law. Her mom is very ill in the hospital in Kansas City. Traci has been going there daily. I hope they find out what is going on.


Shoshana said...

I keep telling Mom to send you the girl's play mouse. He is sooo soft and cuddly, but she says you'd never talk to her again. :)

Sarah said...

I forgot to tell you that we have rats in our garage. Actually I didn't forget I was just afraid you would come to visit anymore! We opened up our grill the other day and the grease tray was full of rat potty! I freaked out. Needless to say the guy who sprays toxic chemicals is coming next week!